I am a television producer, director and owner of Aflecht Media in Europe. In my field of business everything must be perfect and well thought. In my personal life I am well known as an absolute perfectionist who wants and will get only the best. In the market today it is sometimes hard to find quality and high end craftsmanship that really has value and pride of ownership. Something that gives the customer experience that can be remembered for years to come in a very positive way. Now that said, for me buying is all about the experience and feeling good in a complete package.

Few years ago I needed a high end drum set. As I was looking for a drum set I saw an ad in the internet of a very different kind of drum concept. It was a "one of a kind" acoustic double set that had been customized as a silent high end electronic version right from the start. Besides that the set looked just wild and totally awesome, I noticed that it had very detailed craftsmanship and the very best components. There was a combination of different manufacturer's products all around the world that nobody had combined before. You could not even get some of the components from the country. It was obvious that the seller had really put thought and feeling to the build.

So I called and scheduled a meeting with Daniel. From the day we met to the day I had the drum set in my home the service and the fact that Daniel really listened to my needs and gave everything I hoped for was amazing. He is a very good drummer and knows what he talks about. As a perfectionist it is not every day that I give credit to a person. Daniel really had a product and a personality that was the perfect combination. When I heard that he was moving back to his home country Canada and starting to design and build these kinds of customized drum sets I felt that I could tell what an excellent designer, drummer and a person he is. I really feel that North America is going to have a wonderful add to the market and something that literally can blow your mind.