Daniel Helppi
Daniel is the founder and head designer of Dan's Custom Drumworks and everything it offers. He has over 20 years of experience in drumming and electronic drums. He was the drummer for 12 years in a metal band called Kaliban in Europe. After his band career he owned a music studio where he started to drive the technology of electronic drums forward because there was a real need for better results. It was soon clear that custom designed e-drums are the only way to achieve high end goals. Now Daniel brings the same great results accessible to everyone. Daniel is born Canadian who lived in Europe for over 18 years.

Markus Niemispelto
Markus is the director of Dan's Custom Drumworks education and he makes sure our standards are the highest possible and absolutely professional. He has been involved with drums and bands for over 20 years and he also makes all the rhythm learning material for DCD with Daniel. Markus is also born Canadian and has lived most of his life in Europe.