At Dan's Custom Drumworks we start by acknowledging the fact that every player is an individual with very different needs. Anyone can play a stock drum kit but in the end they always need some customization. We believe that a drum kit should be an extension tool that the artist works with. Think of it like feet when walking. As individuals everyone has their own preference to sound as well. An electronic drum kit is the only way to get endless possibilities from just a one single kit. Until now the electronic drum market has been comparing the products to their acoustic counterparts. Advertising is focused on the fact that the feel and the sounds are almost the same. Until now customers have very often thought "Why buy a more expensive e-drum set than an acoustic counterpart while at the same time the e-drum kit would not give the same standards in playability? It just doesn't make any sense"? The good news is that finally we have the formula to go beyond this point. The secret is to know what to combine and in what environment! Dan's Custom Drumworks has the knowledge and the ability to provide this to our respected customers. Our goal is to make the player number one. Yes, this is more expensive initially, but with this formula the customer gets results that are unmatched. For us any musical instrument should never be bought only by considering the purchase price. Your instrument is a long term investment and with the right product will provide years of happiness and enjoyment. How do you benefit compared to the all known acoustic counterparts when talking about a custom designed e-drum kit? Just look below to get some idea!

  • In general electronic drum kits are a very silent instrument. You can play almost anywhere
  • You can play along to your favorite music with unbelievable results
  • You have clarity and focus to the sound. This way you know exactly what you are playing and how tight your beat is.
  • Integrated tools like metronome, mixer, sequencer, sound banks and customization, play along songs, midi and the lists goes on.
  • You do not need hearing protection and you can play freely even in the church or any other environment that needs a more silent approach
  • Drumsticks can last a very long time as well as the drum heads. We can talk in years rather than weeks or months without loosing any of the playability or looks.
  • More choices on type of drum a player wants to play as in terms of cosmetics. Pads, real drum shells etc.
  • There is endless sound environment for e-drums. From the absolute best studio sounds to fully electronic back to jungle drums. The choice is yours!
  • No tuning! E-drum kit is always in tune. Acoustic kit needs constant tuning and it needs A: lots of time B: know how. We prefer more playing and fun than tuning hours. If you need a specific tune you can do it with a push of a button.
  • Recording results are of very high quality straight from the drum module to the recording device. No more compressors, gates, mixers, drum mics, stands etc.
  • Compatibility with computers and music software is easy with USB and MIDI.
  • You can get a very different feel by just changing the heads of the drums. This is because in the market there are so many type of heads to choose from
  • A custom e-drum kit can be a great looking instrument that you want to show in your home. No more garage drums or basement corner fill ups.