Dan's Custom Drumworks brings to the market a unique new kind of service that in our shop we like to call "Pimp my drum kit". How many homes there are that have an old and dusty "out of tune" drum kit that nobody likes to play in the dark corners of the basement or the garage? Many just sell the kit for a ridiculously low price or just throw it away and buy a new kit from the local music shop. Did you know that very often even the very low grade drum kits can look and sound great when some dedicated professional craftsmanship is put in to the kit? Sometimes the case might be that a newer and higher grade drum kit owner would want to switch to an electric drum kit. Happy to say, we can convert any traditional acoustic drum kit in to a totally professional up to date e-drum kit that gives so much more. After this kind of customization a client can switch from acoustic to electronic in now time. Last part of our service that we provide in the Medicine Hat area is the possibility to get a professional to build your drum kit at home. Drum kit build up can take time and knowledge that a player doesn't always have. In short terms the client has so many possibilities with our customization solutions that we recommend to contact us for your specific solution and offer. Here are just few of the advantages when customizing a pre-owned drum kit or using the other customization solutions.

  • Customizing pre-owned drum kit saves money
  • Even a lower end drum kit will sound unbelievable
  • Drum kit will shine like new and look awesome!
  • You can even have a custom art design on your drums
  • When added totally new hardware to the kit. Makes playing even more fun and easy. (DCD strongly recommends this option)
  • Customized and refreshed old drum kit is totally green solution and helps save the environment
  • Every Customized DCD drum kit gets a numbered certificate of the dedicated craftsmanship put in to your drum kit. Your kit is now unique and designed for the player, not for the masses.
  • Drum kit build up or rebuild up at clients home makes sure you get the drum kit and the playability that you paid for in the first place. (Only Medicine hat and surrounding areas)
  • We also tune your drums if needed in the same time. This way you can concentrate on playing and having fun. (Only Medicine hat and surrounding areas)
  • Your drum kit is ergonomically build and tuned for the beat to really come alive. (Only Medicine hat and surrounding areas)